Your Business Catalyst
to win the
Indian Rural Markets
Your Business Catalyst
to win the
Indian Rural Markets
Your Business Catalyst
to win the
Indian Rural Markets

Product Mix &
Distribution Support
Communication Design &
Customer Acquisition
Ambient Visibility

Our Premise

Are you thinking…

We can…

Are my products suitable for Rural India?
Help you shortlist/ tweak/ even help modify your offerings in an optimized manner
Rural Events/ Activation campaigns are difficult to manage logistically and the output is not correctly measured
Reach targeted village consumers through experienced village insiders, brief them individually and measure output
What about cost/reach and cost/conversion?
Since we have anchors based in villages 24X7, our effective reach & conversion is designed to be much higher!
I do not have right (rural) product communication material ready
We have in-depth experience in adapting / developing suitable vernacular communication
I will need detailed, insightful tracking on how the traction is developing in rural – both consumer and trade feedback
Through our well-tracked village insiders, we can help you keep yours ears to the ground.
I do not have Sales/ Delivery Network there…
We can help enhance/ even be a part of your distribution network through our insiders OR by briefing/ enlisting trade channels for you

Our Beliefs


India is a continent masquerading as a country

Therefore ‘sustainable customization’ is the way to go rather than ‘copy-paste’ or ‘top-down’


Just making your products ‘available’ here is not enough to prosper

Right products, good trade management and proper community connect are keys to win in Rural

…Unlocking the Wealth in Rural Markets - Harvard Business Review, June 2014 (edited)

The people best suited to champion your Brand / Service to Rural India are resident insiders!…

We give you unbeatable advantage through resident progressive villagers

Our Approach

Your Management Team
Supervisory Structure
The resident insiders
in key villages
Communication Development Team
Training & Quality Team
Operations & Admin Team

Our Services: Product / Service Briefing, Orders / Lead / Trade Interest Generation, Consumer / Trade Surveys, Product / Service Delivery Coordination, Payment Collection, Distribution Network Enhancement, Ambient Visibility

Examples of Partnerships being established:

With a leading Mobile Wallet Brand to enhance Distribution, App Downloads & Transactions
With a Leading Computing Company to enhance Market Reach, Channel Support and Business Volume
With an ambitious Rural Computer Literacy Enhancement Project to identify local Trainers in Rural hinterland

Our Coverage

The Core Team

Sandeep Walunj

IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus
Marketing, Innovation & Business Process
Building across FMCG, Retail & BFSI

Years of Relevant Experience: 21+

Vanishree Walunj

IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus
Brand & Communication Management,
Consumer Engagement

Years of Relevant Experience: 10+

Mithun Chakraborty

Rural Consumer Engagement,
Product Awareness & Demand Generation

Years of Relevant Experience: 12+



We believe there always is a better way of doing things & value everyone’s ideas


We trace our roots to Digital India Movement and proudly leverage technology for progress


We love coffee, conversations and games. People wonder whether our work is better or work-life!


Our focus is quality work. We support flexi-time & smart casuals. Informally professional, that’s us!


We strive for collective success & that includes our environment and our stakeholders

Careers @ IVEE):

  • Sales / Business Management:

    These managers take care of the complete business for a Territory, State or a Zone.

  • Operations:

    These magicians make sure everything falls in place smoothly thanks to their effective planning and efficient coordination.

  • Content Development:

    The communication specialists that transform concepts into vernacular content (Graphics + AV)

  • Training & Quality:

    The Learning & Development Experts who ensure accurate & effective dissemination of content.

  • Business Development:

    The diplomats who ensure that Clients’ Business Goals are achieved while achieving ours!

  • E-commerce Ecosystem Managers:

    They make interesting products available right till the last mile. Drive LOB P&L.

  • IT :

    They keep the Enterprise Backbone performing optimally; juggling workflows, commerce and payments.

  • Finance & Accounts:

    The money men and women who make it all worth it at the end of the month (if not the day!)

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